Retail Construction

Retail Construction Experience for your next build

We provide construction services for many different types of retail projects ranging from construction of new retail strip centers, tenant-fit out, stand-alone store new construction and remodeling services. Our team of professionals can provide construction consulting services and construction management services to meet the client’s needs. Like our Quick Serve and Fast Casual division, we service the Mid-Atlantic, Southeastern United States and the Central United States.

The Retail Construction Landscape

Retail construction can be a complicated process and there are many regulations about access, accessibility, safety, layout, and environmental impacts. We can help with all of that while creating a brand experience consistent across all retail sites.

Though many sites are built from the ground up, others may require interior fit-outs to install walls, furniture, signage, shelving, checkout and product displays. Each location will have unique requirements including building layouts, neighborhood and/or environmental considerations to meet


Considerations for Retail Construction

Location, Location, Location

Location is everything. While the general structure of a building is important, the right location can drive sales and profits. A thriving location should be accessible, attractive, in an established area, and convenient to customers.

Building Accessibiliity

Accessibility should be top of mind. Your location should be easy for customers to find. Provide plenty of parking, walkways, and entrances. Consider the location of drop-off points, safe drop-off zones, drop-off points, and entrances.

Space Planning

Store Layout should be planned in a way that allows customers to navigate easily. Work with your team to ensure that your customers can find everything they need to make a purchase or check in. Provide easy access and clear signs.

Some of Our Retail Clients

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