Our Process

From Start to Finish

Our process begins with a dedicated focus on listening to and understanding our client's needs from our very first initial contact.

Through our experience, we have found that it is important to dedicate a project team staffed with industry-leading professionals in each phase of projects development from the very first meeting with all of our new prospective or repeat clients.

We also believe that it is best to work with our clients as their construction owners representatives that ensure that we always look out for our client's best interest as their advisors and advocates throughout and beyond the final completion of their project.

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1. Initial Planning

It begins with an initial planning meeting with our clients to understand their project, their goals, their vision and their expectations.

  • Formal introductions of the Willoughby Project Team and Clients Team and Consultants
  • A collaborative initial review of the project documents is conducted to make sure that all of the required drawings, project information documents, and permitting and zoning documents have been procured.
  • Review the clients projected schedule for their project
  • Review the clients budget for the project
  • A review of the construction site
    • Tour of the existing space if it is a remodel project
    • Tour of the prospective building site along with the approved zoning and site plan drawings.
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2.  Budget Development

  • Our estimating team along with input from our construction project team will perform a in depth review of all of the planning, and construction documents provided by the clients A/E team.
  • Subcontractor bid packages are prepared and sent out to our prequalified subcontractors for RFPs/RFQs
  • Review of subcontractor RFPs/RFQs and Scope Review meetings are conducted
  • Development of our final project cost proposal is submitted to our client for their review and approval
  • Upon acceptance and contract awarded by the client, our estimating team and project with preform the preconstruction phase of the project. During this phase the following tasks happen
    • Subcontractor final selection
    • Establishment of the Construction Schedule
    • Materials Purchase Orders are prepared and issued
    • Onsite meetings with the Owner, Local, State and Federal Agencies Having Jurisdiction over the project are conducted
    • Utility Work Orders are created with the public utility services (Power, Gas, Water, Sewer, and Telecommunications are established
    • Mobilization of the Onsite Project Team
    • Preconstruction Kick Off Meeting with the Client and Construction Team
    • Construction Phase Begins
    • Final Completion Walkthroughs and Punchlist with the Owner
    • Project closeout is performed
      • As-Built Drawings are prepared for the Owner
      • Warrant Binders are put together and submitted to the owner
      • Equipment Start and Equipment Operation Trainings are Completed
      • Certificate of Occupancies are Issue to the Owner
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3. Construction

  • Pre-Construction meetings with the Owner, Subcontractors, and Authority Agencies
  • Mobilization of the construction team, materials, and equipment to the project site
  • Construction Kick Off Meeting
  • New Builds
    • The site development starts
    • Site Utilities and Under Building Slab Utilities installed
    • Building Slab Installed
    • The exterior and interior shell of the building is constructed
    • Building is made weather tight
    • Interior Rough In of the Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing Trades are installed
    • Interior Finished Installed
    • Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing is complete
    • Owner’s Furniture, Finishes and Equipment are installed
    • Final Cleaning and Punch List Completed
  • Remodels
    • Pre-Construction Meeting
    • Mobilization of supplies, materials, and equipment
    • Demolition of the existing space
    • Rough In of Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing
    • Interior Finishes Completed
    • Owner’s Furniture, Finishes and Equipment are installed
    • Punch List is Complete

Industries We Serve

  • Remodels
  • Ground Up Construction
  • Remodels
  • Ground Up Construction

Food and Beverage Industry

  • Remodels
  • Ground Up Construction
  • Restaurants
  • Taverns, Bars, and Pubs
  • Wineries, Vineyards, Distilleries, Breweries
  • Commercial Kitchens, Cafeterias, Event Centers and Catering Centers
  • Remodels
  • Ground Up Construction
  • Tenant Fit-Out
  • Retail Strip Centers
  • Retail Anchor Stores


  • Remodels
  • Ground Up Construction
  • Professional Offices


  • Remodels
  • Ground Up Construction
  • Medical Offices

Sate, Local and Federal Government

  • Schools
  • Colleges and Universities
  • Town, City, State and Federal Professional Offices
  • EMS
  • Fire
  • Police
  • Judicial